Alfred Jarry

Alfred Jarry’s operetta buffa Leda, premièred in Paris in 1900, was long believed to be lost. The libretto, which resurfaced in 1976, was translated into German in 1985, and has now been set to new music by Eugène Michelangeli for the Kabinetttheater in Vienna. In his libretto, Jarry recounts the old tale of Leda and the swan including new and hilarious details to produce a brutal satire not only of the myth but also of his (and our!) audience. He provides insights into the everyday doings of Tyndar, King of Sparta and the incurable boredom of his wife Leda while also shattering Zeus’s playboy image.

Stage direction: Thomas Reichert
Composition, musical direction and piano: Eugène Michelangeli
Vocalist singing the roles of Leda, Tyndar and Zeus: Anna Clare Hauf
Accordion: Krassimir Sterev
Puppeteers: Michaela Mahrhauser, Melanie Osan, Jennifer Podehl, Christian Schlechter
Stagecraft: Martin Kerschbaumer
Dramaturgy: Alexandra Millner
Designs and sketches: Helmut Pokornig
Workshop head: Julia Reichert
Stage scenery and puppets: Lukas Eder, Peter Fritzenwallner, Burgis Paier, Roman Spiess, Thimo Striebel
Director’s assistant: Constantin Schwab
Intern: Bettina Stefani